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It is a great irony when you’re feeling like a failure at something you would love to do, if given the chance, and someone you know says to you, “You’re crazy, you are one of the best at discipling that I know. You just don’t get paid for it.” Often God gives us just what we need, He just wraps it in a box we’re not expecting.

Over the years there have been a good number of men who are very grateful to know me as there teacher and friend. It always seems like a great contradiction that I am beloved by those who sit under my discipleship, while being all but completely overlooked by those in leadership.

The key to life is to realize what is important from God’s point of view. It is all too easy to get caught up in what people think, as if what they think is all important. Nothing can make us miss the true meaning of our own lives than to mistake what God wants to accomplish threw us.

Moses spent forty years in the courts of Egypt to realize all that he could become, He spent forty more years on the backside of the desert to learn what he wasn’t apart from God, and forty additional years to learn who God was.

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