I have observed as I glean the blogosphere, that the most liked and appreciated blogs are those where the author is trying to figure things out. They are usually very honest, transparent, and humble. These are fine qualities to be found in the person who would try to help others find their way. I have found some of these bloggers to point the way to something beyond themselves, which can be very good.

I do not happen to be one of those bloggers that is unsure as to the way we must go. There is always a need to figure out the specifics of life’s decisions. However, for those of us who believe the Bible to be the inerrant and infallible word of God, the way to live our lives has already been made clear. In principle, precept and command by the One perfect and infinite person who knows far better than all the rest of us, there is a way beyond ourselves.

I struggle like everyone else as life unfolds before me. There is always a struggle for faith and temptations from the world that beckons me hark to its allurements. There is war with the devil and his emissaries that those who have never placed faith in Christ know nothing about. For those who have been born anew but still retain the old man, there is a struggle with the flesh.

In summary, a blog always has a different sound when the Bible is used with assurance. It is not that the one sharing is different, it is just that the way is more sure because of a God given faith. As a race we may not like to be told what to do, or be held accountable for the way we live our life. However, all we need do is look at the world around us, which abounds with confusion, greed, selfishness, wars, prejudice, injustice, crime, and death and surely we should realize that we need someone outside of ourselves to lead us in a better way.

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