On Saturday evening my wife and I went to a movie that is capable of rocking the boat of the deceived, naive, and willfully blind. UNPLANNED is the true story about Abby Johnson, a woman seduced by Planned Parenthood so as to live a life that went contrary to her principles, conscience, and better judgment.

After living through an abortion herself, she went one step further to work for an organization that caused her hurt that went to the core of her being. As it often is in life, we make an unwise decision, which then leads to a series of decisions that corrupts our morals and hardens our conscience.

I highly recommend this movie for everyone to see. If you are on the fence, somewhere between a woman’s right to choose and the possible death of the unborn, go with your mind and your heart open. Be as teachable as you know how to be so that you can be a seeker after truth.

If abortion is simply a woman’s right to choose, then all we are arguing about is rights. Personally, as a conservative Christian, I am all for human rights. If abortion is the death of the unborn then what we are disgussing is an American holocaust.

I hope everyone reading this blog and many millions more will be moved to see this accurate account of one woman’s journey to truth. If you are a Christian, I hope you will be moved to pray more than you ever have about the present state of our country – it is bent on destruction. If you are pro-choice, I hope you will blink just long enough to consider the possibility that you could be seeing things in a less than accurate way. Then go see this true story and account of the youngest woman to direct a Planned Parenthood facility.

Lord bless you all and may you all walk in the truth.

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