In the depth of our soul lurks a secret we do not know;

As light we cannot trace, it is an unwanted disgrace.

What is this denizen of the deep, that gives us an alter ego?

Could it be something we do not want to face?

Ours is a world of bitterness and contention,

Friends that complicate and nations that annihilate.

What is it that breeds such violence and opposition?

Should we justify our self, or concede it is I that hate.

There is an outer enemy, but also one within;

The outer one is easier to spot, a heart of evil it reflects not.

Enemy mine is in my heart, where love is painfully thin.

I am, I said, and then denied Him who cares alot.

At the dawn’s early light, a voice whispered within my heart;

Come to Me, and I will show you reality.

It said, the answer is not within you where the problems start,

But in My Son, who is righteous from eternity.

So look not my heart to where there is no peace;

Down below from where all problems flow,

But to Him who can make the chief problems cease,

And fill the next life with a radiant glow.

#Mygreatestproblemsbeginwithme #Thetrueproblemthatruinsourplanetthatmenareleastwillingtoface