God does all Things Well

The Bible declares that God is the only sovereign in the universe, which means He is the supreme authority, and He has the final say in all things. It is one thing to accept the previous statement as true, and it is still another to accept all things as under God’s control, for example, He allowed sin for His designed purpose, and He created hell for an equally transcendent reason. Put another way, have you ever heard someone ask the question, ‘if there is a God why does He allow evil in the world?’

Romans 9:22-23 makes clear that God would make Himself known! Therefore, in order for man to comprehend mercy there must be wrongdoing, for forgiveness an offense. God purposed to create a people who could know and love Him for what He is, that includes His holy anger on evil and His righteous wrath. The answer to the question, ‘why is there evil in the universe?’ it was part of the plan! However, God creates no evil, and does not make men and angels sin. James 1:13-14

What people do not understand about God is the seriousness with which He approaches everything. God wants man to know Christ perfectly, men cannot know hot without cold, light without dark, good without evil. Romans 9 makes clear that God wished to reveal his wrath and to make his power known, in order to reveal His glory on vessels of mercy.

It is not wise to accept the parts of the bible we like and reject all others, but he who accepts the hard truths finds wisdom!

The Christian is one who accepts Jesus Christ as Sovereign LORD, which includes justice and wrath!