God is Faithful

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

Many names portray the person and character of God in the bible; however, He chose to use Elohim first, with a synopsis of creation.

In the name Elohim, there are three essential elements: first, “El,” which means strength, second, “oh” that is to bind with a covenant or faithfulness, and lastly, “im” the plural ending of a word. Put them all together and you have the strong faithful ones, which reveal God’s power, promises, and His plurality in a unity or one God in three persons.

When God created the universe, He entered into a covenant relationship with it, because that is who He is. He always does the right thing; exercises perfect justice, and impart limitless love. Nowhere are these two royal characteristics seen more clearly than in Christ, at the cross of Calvary.

What could create more faith in us than an all-powerful, self-sustaining God that makes promises, and keeps them to His own hurt?