How to Stand Your Ground

The Apostle Paul told the Philippians “…in this way stand firm in the Lord…”  Philippians 4:1. The word “therefore” in verse one refers us back to what he means by “in this way,”  which are eternally minded people.

People who live as though their citizenship is in heaven do not get overtaken by the cares and temptations of this life, (3:20) to the contrary, they look to be saved from it by the Lord Jesus Christ (3:20b). 

Paul concludes his thought from verse 20 with the truth that the body of a born again believer will be transformed from a humble state to the glory of Christ.  To false professors Christ is not Lord, who will subject all things to Himself beginning with them, no, their appetite is their false god. 

In our day, many claim to be Christian, but you would never know it by their love for this present world.  They think more about designer clothes than Christ and His gospel, materialism is the motivation that drives them, not exemplifying Christ who did not have a place to lay His head.  The Christian does not have to live in utter poverty, however, Christ his supreme example did not make this present age His number one priority.  

Paul, speaking to the brethren, said to follow his example, and those who walk according to the pattern set by him.  Paul did not live for worldly success, money, power, or nice things, even though, there is nothing sinful in those things in and of themselves; it is the setting worldly attainments as the first priority of Life that is sinful and denies Christ.

We have many great examples of godly men in history who could have sought for greatness but instead bore the reproach of Christ.  Perhaps the greatest orator of all time was George Whitefield; it is said he could speak to tens of thousands without amplification.  He could move men to laughter or tears just with his use of a word, he could have used his gifts for selfish gain, and yet at the height of his popularity in England he left for rural America. Space does not permit the sacrifices he made because his priority was heaven where he eagerly awaited a savior.

Let those who claim the name Christian stand firm by following his example!