When I look at a Christmas tree,

What amazing things I can see.

I see a very ugly yet beautiful tree,

It sat upon Calvary.

When I see stockings strung along the fireplace,

I think of God, who bore sin’s penalty in my place,

Who’s pure and sinless life He poured out,

So I might no longer face eternity with doubt.

When it’s time for mistletoe and holly

And tinsel covers the tree,

I dwell on a man, who suffered Gethsemane,

The savior who bore the cross for me.

When I look at Christmas presents under the tree,

I see the Lamb of God that was sacrificed for me;

I can see the Lord Jehovah

Who gave to me the gift of eternity.

When the ground is white and the air if full of Christmas cheer,

And all the children are waiting for the red-nosed reindeer;

I focus on a sinless man, who in all points was temped as we,

So the bondage of sin might no longer be.

While little children are hearing of Old’ Saint Nick and his story,

I remember the Son of God, who left heaven in all His glory,

So one day He might be

A Mediator for a long lost sinner like me.

When I look at a Christmas tree,

I can look right through Eternity;

Oh’ yes these thing I can see

Because Jesus did give His Spirit to me.