For all the dear people that have followed my blog posts, I apologize for having dropped out of the blogosphere for the last few months. It is not my desire to make excuses for not writing, so I hope the following are some justifiable reasons.

It seems the older that I get the deeper and more readily my feelings flow. On Halloween my wife and I lost our beloved min pin (dog) of fifteen years. The second in three years, the first having been with us for sixteen years. There is something so sweet and loyal about a dog, it really makes an old man’s heart ache. However, it is not restricted to just old men.

I’ve wanted to write but writing makes me dig down deep, and that is not something I’ve wanted to do during the past few months. I could say busyness has interrupted my writing but that wouldn’t be correct. Busyness is just a part of life. Making time to write is that stuff of which writing is made. No excuse here.

Well that about the short of it!

Furthermore, the men’s Bible study that I lead has turned to the very necessary teaching of how to understand the Bible. What divine and human elements are needed to understand God’s holy Word. This topic is on my heart most of the time, so the series of posts to follow will center on this important topic.

Nothing has ever been more important to me since becoming a Christian than to understand the Bible. Only in the Bible can we come to know the person of God. There is no person worth knowing more than the creator of all things, through whom all things came into being, and for whose glory they exist.

Only in the Bible do we see God in His saving grace, humility, and love; and only in the Bible do we see God in His holy righteousness, justice, and judgment. God alone is good! His ways are past finding out. His love knows no end. And yet He has written sixty six books of self disclosure that are hardly ever read, let alone studies and correctly understood.

Jesus Himself turned to the religious leaders of His day and said these very revealing words, “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me;” (John 5:39) He said, you think (it seems, you form an opinion) that you have eternal life. I want my readers to know they have eternal life. For this reason I will be writing, as does the Bible, how you may know from the words of scripture you have eternal life. If indeed you have eternal life. (1 John 5:13)

What then could be more important than to know what it takes to understand such a book. Only in understanding God’s revealed will can we know if we please Him. It may not seem very important to some in the here and now, but comes judgment day, when all men are raised from the dead to face Him; importance will take on a whole new meaning.

I hope you will read my following posts with a profound interest.

Lord bless,


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