LOVE not the world is a simple command from 1 John 2:15, but impossible for sinful men to obey (Romans 8:7).

The verse goes on to say, “…nor The things in the world,” making a distinction between the two. “Cosmos” in the Greek could be understood to mean the philosophy or mindset of this present world system. 

For this reason, we who believe have been called out, which is the very meaning of the word church. Any church that makes itself appealing to the world, by definition, is being disobedient to its calling. For this reason, the health and wealth gospel, which is so prevalent today is a travesty on the witness of the Gospel.

The Apostle who penned the first letter of John is the same who wrote the Gospel of John. In his account he tells of a conversation between Peter and Jesus in chapter 21. Remember, Peter denied Christ just a short time before, and to the point of cursing; at that time the rooster crowed and Jesus turned 

During their conversation our Lord said to Peter, “Simon or unstable one, do you love (Agape) choose me more than others? In this Greek word the emphasis is on choice. In the case of loving God there must be no rival, for all else would be idolatrous. Simon, said to Him, “you know that I love (Phileo) have fond affection for you.”

The Peter who after falling came to understand his weakness and inability to follow Jesus in the flesh was no longer the proud and self confident person he once was. Often the saints adv

Two more times Jesus asked Simon if he loved him. The second time using Agape followed by Peter who again used Phileo. The third time Jesus said, “Peter do you have fond affection for me?” Peter, replied, “Lord you know all things, (Peter knew he couldn’t hide anything from Jesus), you know I have fond affection for you.” Jesus said for the third time, feed my sheep.” By saying this Jesus confirmed His call to Peter.

In the kingdom of God failure is acceptable when followed by a true and lasting repentance or turning from one’s sinful ways. Praise the Lord!

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