• Joseph Durso

No Jesus, No Goodness

Man is a complex and confusing creature. The depths of the human heart are impossible to know by men. Perfection is entirely out of reach with all the decisions there are to make in life and the vast array of choices. Jesus tells us that God the Father demands perfection, and it seems like every person has their idea about right and wrong. The Bible lays down the law of God, by which the reader should understand the impossibility of gaining God's approval. What are we to make of all of this?

Furthermore, there is a humanity in the world, by which we understand man to be loving, kind, resourceful, creative, and humanitarian to others. On the other hand, man can be cruel, exceedingly violent, selfish, narrow-minded, and downright hateful. Amid all this confusion, Jesus and His followers gave us the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The New Testament places forgiveness and the grace of God dead center of it all. So when we look at the world filled with various religions and dozens upon dozens of sects within the Christian faith, what are we to make of all this? How should we perceive love from one another and which people are worthy of eternal punishment?

Here are the concluding thoughts. Do you ever feel like something is missing when you read a good romance novel or see a good movie where the love appears to be completely selfless, forgiving, and full of grace? It does not matter how good men are, loving, kind, considerate, or even selfless. Whenever Jesus Christ is left out, forgotten, and just seen as not needed, that is a man or a woman hating God. Think of a man marrying a woman and then living the rest of his life never thinking of her, seeing her, or even considering her needs or wants. Does such a man love his wife? Do church-goers who never think about Jesus and never put Him first in their life decisions love Jesus? Do people who don't care to know Jesus Christ understand Him as Lord and Savior?

No Jesus, No Goodness!

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