In chapter 1 of Mark’s Gospel Jesus arrived as the long awaited Deliverer of Israel. He was announced  by John the Baptist, tempted by the Devil, followed by Simon, Andrew, James, and John, and sought out by the sick and demon possessed.  The chapter concludes with the healing of a  leper, who gives every indication to be just another person who is willing to believe in Jesus for physical healing without any concern for his eternal soul.

Chapter 2 begins with Jesus forgiving a paralytic’s sins, which starts a stream of questions by the religious leaders; the sequence of events are as follows.  The leaders questioned Jesus’ ability to forgive sins., even though He authenticated His divine prerogative by a superior message and miraculous acts of healing (2:1-11).   This brood of vipers, so called by John the Baptist, questioned Jesus’ decision to eat with sinners and tax collectors (2:15-17).  The fact that Matthew became a worshipper of God through Christ completely escaped their notice.   They questioned the fact that Jesus did not ask His disciples to fast, which Jesus explained that it was not the right time (2:18-22).  And finally in chapter 2 they questioned the fact that  Jesus allowed His followers to pick corn on the Sabbath, even though they were living by faith alone.  Sometimes you just can’t do anything right to please men (2:23-28). 

To question the teachings, character, authority, and/or  commands of Jesus is very bad. The Christian should be characterized by faith and obedience to every word of Jesus, which is the Bible.  Do you question Jesus’ words as reflected in how you respond to life?  Do you question Jesus’ sovereignty when life does not turn out the way you want?  Do you question Jesus’ commands when you do things your way as over and against what is written in the Bible?  Have you behaved like a Christian or a Pharisee today?