Remember this Name

In the KJ and NAS versions when you see LORD spelled with all capitals it is Yehovah in Hebrew, and when combined with God capital “G” small “od” it is Yehovah Elohim. God used His name Yehovah seventy-five hundred times in the bible.

It is important to know God’s name, if for no other reason than, God used it so many times. As Mathew Henry put it, “Whenever we have any thing to do with God, it is desirable to know, and our duty to consider, what his name is.”

“…this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial (or remembrance) unto all generations.” Many scholars believe Yehovah is the name God used to be His personal name. He told Moses when you bring me to mind, this is the name I want you to use. Many names describe the attributes and character of God, but He wants us to remember Him by Yehovah.

There is controversy about this name because as Strong’s concordance says, “the name is unpronounced except with the vowel pointings.” The name was considered so sacred and to keep it from being misused the Hebrews left out the vowel pointings. How we can know the proper personal name for God will be in my next Blog.

The Christian is one who shows God proper respect by knowing Him by His proper name!