Spiritual Blessings

The primary blessings that come from God through our Lord Jesus Christ are said to be in the heavens, which means they are not earthly or worldly blessings but spiritual ones. They are “in Christ,” his work, life, death, sacrifice, and the fulfillment of the Father’s plan. It is not the work of the Christian that brings about these blessings because they are said to be “in Christ.”

A TV evangelist from the seventies use to say, “don’t give me that pie in the sky but the hear and now.” It is not as though God does not care at all about our lives now, but His primary concern is for how and where we will live in eternity.

What are your primary concerns? What do you think about the first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed? Do you saturate yourself with the scriptures so that God’s concerns are your concerns, and God’s blessings are what you desire? I hope you do!