• Joseph Durso

The Dilemma of Christmas

By definition, a dilemma is "a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives." What we do with Jesus will be difficult, whatever way we decide. The outcomes are as different as different can be, but that choice is always difficult. What makes that choice so difficult is the sinner's heart.

What makes Christmas a dilemma is a watching world. The Jewish people received the ten commandments. Though many try to deny the existence of God's commands, they are undeniably present in everyone's conscience. The Bible prophesies about Jesus Christ, most have already come to pass, and Jesus himself has come through the Jewish nation. The Jews despised Jesus and rejected Him as their coming Savior. Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 speak of his death in detail and his resurrection from the dead. As a consequence of rejecting Jesus, He prophesied about God casting His people off for a time. The past two thousand years have proved Him to be true. The Jew has been despised and persecuted as much as any people on the planet.

Christianity came through Jesus Christ, whose teachings, when applied, have radically transformed whole societies. No one exemplified self-sacrificing love better than Jesus, and even though the crucifixion of Jesus is the most verified fact of human history, many people doubt His existence. Furthermore, many "Christian" people use the name Jesus Christ as a swear word. Many a professing "Christian" reflects little to nothing of God's selfless and humble Son that has transformed other people's lives. Those same professors prefer to make much of a little fat elf as a great gift-giver than proclaim Jesus Christ as God incarnate to die for those who would believe in Him.

What is the world to think about the Judeo/Christian faith? My dear readers, there is an incomprehensible difference between a follower of Christ and Christ. All an authentic follower can do in this war over the person of Jesus Christ is to point to Him without hypocrisy. If you think I am mistaken, read Matthew 23 and notice how many times Jesus uses the word hypocrite. Furthermore, just as there was a remnant of authentic believers in Israel, there has been a remnant within Christianity.

If you would know the amazing selfless resolve of authentic Christians, consider the following statistic. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity of Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary, an evangelical seminary based in Hamilton, Massachusetts, has estimated that 100,000 Christians die annually for their faith.

That doesn't sound like hypocrisy to me; how about you?

If you want to hear more about the condition of the Church, touch the link below.


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