Sorry for the large  gap since my last post; my life has truly been crazy busy.

Our good health is a gift, which can be lost by God’s will and for our good.

Our theology should always begin with man’s fall into sin.  Because of sin man is cursed. He can only be saved through Jesus Christ. The consequences of sin are built into this present world, which is passing away.

Our good health can be taken by Satan. He must submit to God’s authority, God, contrary to the devil, plans for our ultimate good.

In the Bible book of Job, Satan afflicted Job and tempted him to curse God and die. At last, Job repented from thinking he knew better than God, and recognized the devil’s lie. We never read of him or his friends speaking a word about the devil.

Our good health is ultimately and always in God’s control, as with all things, it is for His glory and pleasure. Our good health is not to be turned into an idol for our own selfish pleasure, as if it were not a God given treasure. Neither is our good health to be viewed as a blessing from God as something we deserve. A gift is never paid for, but is given by virtue of the generosity, benevolence, and love of the giver. It is not owed, it is freely given.

My wife is one of the strongest and most godly women I know. Her struggles with a broken body are much. And yet never a complaint, a question to God, but only a praise because He knows what He’s doing, and He has her highest good in view. The path to get to that place of compliance was fraught with weaknesses, trials, and yes, even sin. However, God knows what He is doing.

I feel compelled to honor my wife because of God’s ongoing relationship with her, and as a result she has had joy and love in the midst of many physical ailments. The praise goes of course to God, even though my wife is the recipient who sets forth a godly testimony of God’s love in the midst of hardships.

If you are a Christian, let your light shine  by the way you endure suffering. The best way to endure suffering is by meditating upon the sufferings of Jesus Christ on your behalf.