Yes it’s true, two to three weeks and my first book will go on sale at WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.

What’s it about?

The character, integrity, morality, and supremacy of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is clearly the most controversial person in all human history. He made a mark like no other man that ever lived. So it stands to reason that we should want to know His motivations.

Of Jesus Christ it has been said that He rose from the dead, and He is the only person that is said to have done so.  Historians from the time He lived have written of His life without any negativity or disdain. Yet it is said of Him that He quite literally healed a nation of all disease and physical ailments.

How is that possible?

His teachings are in a category all their own without question. Jesus was a great moral teacher, so why did He state clearly and without question that He was God?

We should at least try to understand why because He has been such an influential person

Many in our day would say that the Bible is an outdated book, it can’t be trusted, it’s certainly not perfect, and yet there are hundreds of fulfilled prophecies concerning Jesus Christ spanning over 1200 years.

How is that possible?

Mathematically, so many fulfilled prophecies is considered an impossible reality.

You will want to order a copy of THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW if you love Jesus, deny His existence, think Christianity is phony, or don’t even have any curiosity concerning Him.


The entire Western world sets its calendar by the one man Jesus Christ. Maybe that’s a fluke. Maybe

Maybe masses of people who claim to be Christian are deceived that they are a true Christian and by extension place Jesus Christ in a bad light. THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW will uncover such falsehoods and lead you to the Jesus of history, the real Jesus, and the Jesus you need to know.

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