Unreasonable People

If you have ever talked with someone who would not listen to you, then you know what it means when the bible says, “they did not see fit to acknowledge God.”  It can be frustrating to talk to an unreasonable person, who is unwilling to consider another point of view.  

Everyone is entitled to believe what they will, but only reasonable people can know the truth.  Romans 1 refers to the cyclical history of the world, and why God abandons people to a depraved mind, which is a mind incapable of reason.  God created men to reason, which is the ability to think loigically, question cause and effect, and understand why things happen the way they do, if possible. 

In the context of Romans 1 the universe is complex and orderly, which gives clear evidence of design and an eternal creator, however, because men did not want to be held accountable to God for their actions, He gave them over to an inability to reason in this way.  Therefore men replaced the true eternal God with idols of wood, iron and, stone that hear, see, and exist not.

Only God can open the mind of the unreasonable, which is why every Christian is inadequate to save, however, by faith we share the gospel and trust God to accomplish all His will.